July 2012

Information on Boquete, Panama: What there is to know?

Boquete is a small town in the western highlands of Panama in the province of Chiriqui on the Caldera River. Surrounded by green land and mountains, Boquete has become a popular destination for bird watchers, travellers and adventurous activities, being a paradise to be in for many people who visit this destination.

Retiring Abroad? 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Panama For Retirement

Although there are a minority of people that frown at the idea of retirement fearing that it means they are old, the majority of people in the world have found that retirement provides an opportunity to embrace life and explore the world.

When you have worked hard and sacrificed for decades and seen how the economic climate of your native country (or place of residence) had fluctuated, you may now be considering where it is best for you to spend your retirement as this is the time in your life that is meant to be a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. Just because you are retiring does not mean that you are expected to stay at home knitting or gardening; for many this is an opportunity to travel or re-locate to a nice hot country that can offer a more desirable lifestyle.