September 2012

Our Hospitality at Casa Pedro

Who we are:

We are a family run business providing cheap accommodation in Boquete. We offer rooms to groups, travellers, families and couples who wish to come and stay with us in our bed and breakfast. We try to make your stay as comfortable as possible, providing you with everything you need for your stay including meals, information on activities or even a baby sitter for the evening.

The Best Places to Eat When You Visit Boquete, Panama

We all get excited about going on holiday and rightly so! It isn’t often we really allow ourselves to relax and indulge without feeling guilty, there’s always washing to be done, work to be done and those annoying diets we are trying so hard to stay dedicated to. So when we decide to go on holiday we want to do it properly, we want to lie in the sun, see the sights we don’t usually have time for and scoff some really tasty food.