October 2012

Landmarks of Boquete

Full of a rich history, the area of Boquete has amazing beauty and many landmarks to see and visit whilst travelling through Central America and Panama. There is an amazing diverse culture surrounding Boquete with lots of fun activities for couples, families and travellers exploring the Boquete landscape.

The lifestyle surrounding Boquete is an experience to gain when staying in hostels in Panama. It has been adapted to suit a peaceful way of life, perfect for everyone. The population of Boquete is around 15,000 people, all of which are very welcoming and whose cultural roots go back to native Indians, Spaniards, Europeans, and North Americans from many years ago.

Bird Watching in Boquete

Marvel at the sight of some of the most beautiful and tropical birds of Boquete. There are 972 different species of bird that can be found in Panama. Most of these birds you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world, which makes Boquete one of the best places to come bird watching in the world.