February 2013

Some Of The Greatest Places To Retire To In Panama

Have you thought what you will be doing when you retire? It doesn’t really matter if retirement is a couple of years away or a little longer. Why not settle in Panama?

People still see Panama as a more exotic holiday destination then a place to retire. Well here at Casa Pedro we are hoping to give you a little insight into some of the amazing places you should firstly discover during you next holiday to Panama, and definitely keep in mind when you put your retirement plan in place.

What It Is Like To Stay In Our Hostel In Boquete

Our Hostel

Our hostel is a cheap way to lodge safely with like-minded travellers around the world. 

If you’re intending to travel the world on a budget it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stay in hotels every night your away. We believe our hostel offers the perfect alternative in terms of great value for money. We keep our costs down to a minimum whilst offering other benefits that you just can’t get from hotels.