August 2012

A Hiker's Guide To The Volcán Barú

The Volcán Barú.

The Volcán Barú is also known as the Volcán de Chiriqui in Boquete, Panama. This volcano is the tallest in Panama reaching a height of 3,747 metres. Situated in the western province of Chiriqui, the volcano is surrounded by picturesque views of mountains and valleys.

Currently the volcano is dormant, allowing for great hiking trips up and down the volcano to discover the beautiful views of Boquete in Panama. Planned hiking tours take many travellers safely up and down the volcano over the course of either a day or a couple of days depending on the type of trip you are looking to go on.

This volcano has become one of the most visited places for people travelling through Boquete. The top of the volcano is the only known place where both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans can be seen at the same time, making the peak of the mountain a golden site opportunity to include on a trip to Boquete.

The Coffee of Panama: Coffee Tours

 Panama is best known for the amazing coffee produced. The taste is exquisite and the coffee made is second to none. If you are a keen coffee lover, or even if you’re not, you will be eager to take some of this coffee back with you for all your friends and family when you leave!

Get hands on experience at the Boquete Coffee Tour at Finca Dos Jefes. Finca Dos Jefes is an organic coffee farm located in the El Salto region of Boquete, Panama. The farm is located on the road to Vulcan Baru at 1400 meters above sea level. On the coffee tour, you can see how coffee is made and help to roast the beans and taste it at the end. It is an amazing experience for any age group to go on, and a lovely day out for the whole family.