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The Essentials To Pack When Travelling - A Backpackers Guide

Do you have the trip of a lifetime planned travelling through Central America and making Panama a mark on your map? Make sure one of the destinations you visit is Boquete, one of the adventurous places for activities in Panama. You can go hiking, whitewater river rafting, zip line travelling and bird watching in one of the most beautiful places in Panama.

Romantic Vacation Getaways For Couples in Boquete, Panama

Are you planning a romantic holiday in Central America with your partner? We are one of the most loved hostels in Panama for couples planning a romantic, luxurious and relaxing vacation in Boquete. Add some of our favorite adventurous or relaxing activities and you will have yourself a great vacation getaway!

Things To Do In Boquete For Families

Are you planning an adventurous trip to Boquete with the Family? Casa Pedro offers a separate cottage ideal for families. We also offer a creche as well as day and evening child care in the children’s play area so that parents can make the most out of their holiday too!

Why Take A Trip To Boquete, Panama?

 Are you thinking about taking a trip to Panama? Here are some reasons why you should decide on Boquete as your trip destination...