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Why Visit Panama?

There are lots of reasons to go and visit South America. There are lots of different countries, cultures, cities and places to explore. One of the huge benefits of visiting Panama is that you can see a lot in the space of a short time. You can dip your feet in two different oceans, climb mountains, explore rainforests, visit native cultures and explore urban cities all in the space of a week. So with all that available to you, where are the best places to visit in Panama?

The Comfort & Ethereal Charm Of Casa Pedro

There is a distinct trend in modern travel, one that is geared towards fast paced action. This method of travel is relentless, starting from the moment you travel to the airport and ending once you arrive back home. People rush through their holidays trying to pack in as many activities as possible.


It’s a wonder that a lot of people manage to appreciate the moment at all, but it does depend on one thing more than any other – atmosphere. The bright lights of an airport for that late night flight or the buzzing energy of a big city makes it easy to rush around without fully reflecting on your surroundings. Once you get out of the city and into a relaxed and charming atmosphere this changes.

Nightlife in Boquete

Boquete may be small but it still has some fabulous nightlife. We have plenty of restaurants with food fit for kings and queens but our bars are just as incredible and spending a night in some of our best bars will guarantee some memories you will never forget.

A Guide To Where To Stay In Panama

A Little About Panama

If you’re looking for a real adventure, the real back-packing-trail-trekking-rainforest-exploring experience, then you won’t find a better place to do it than Panama. Unspoiled by on mass tourism, Panama is a hidden gem in Central South America. Often overlooked by its flamboyant neighbours Costa Rica and Cambodia, Panama benefits from its big neighbours by flying under the radar when it comes to deciding on a destinations for travel.  Because of this, it is still possible to discover Panama in the way that the original explores found it.  This is not to say that it stuck in the middle ages, far from it. Panama offers a sheared juxtaposition between the Indiana Jones type explorers paradise to the ultra-modern and economic hub the capital, Panama City and it canal.



What It Is Like To Stay In Our Hostel In Boquete

Our Hostel

Our hostel is a cheap way to lodge safely with like-minded travellers around the world. 

If you’re intending to travel the world on a budget it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stay in hotels every night your away. We believe our hostel offers the perfect alternative in terms of great value for money. We keep our costs down to a minimum whilst offering other benefits that you just can’t get from hotels.

Some Of The Greatest Places To Retire To In Panama

Have you thought what you will be doing when you retire? It doesn’t really matter if retirement is a couple of years away or a little longer. Why not settle in Panama?

People still see Panama as a more exotic holiday destination then a place to retire. Well here at Casa Pedro we are hoping to give you a little insight into some of the amazing places you should firstly discover during you next holiday to Panama, and definitely keep in mind when you put your retirement plan in place.

Boquete Adventures – Whale Watching

humpback whale

With whale hunting back on the table the number of whales is sadly decreasing every year – so is their natural habitat. Here in Panama we are lucky to be able to still share our lives with these creatures, and give the rest of the world a little glimpse of them as well. Panama has been fighting for the rights of the whales for years now. Panama even held the 64th international whaling commission in 2012.

Why Go Whitewater Rafting in Boquete?

There are just some things that need to be done in life and white water rafting in Boquete is just one of them. You don’t need to be Indiana Jones or a good swimmer or even be deemed as a dare devil to try it; you just have to be physically fit and have a thirst for adventure and I presume you definitely have that otherwise you wouldn’t have come travelling to one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world- Boquete! So what can you expect by throwing inhibitions aside and signing up for the experience of a lifetime?

A Balance Between Comfort & Adventure At One Of The Best Hostels In Panama

Travellers come to Panama from all over the globe to see the sights and take in some unusual surroundings. There are many wonderful attractions in terms culture and food in Panama City and the beautiful natural surroundings in nearby Boquete make it a fantastic place to stay in comfort and with a sense of adventure.

It’s A Bug’s Life In Panama!

The Panamanian jungle not only holds host to many birds and species of animal not found anywhere else in the world, but it also is home to over 2500 species of different insects and bugs.

There has recently been a census completed of insects in the Panamanian rainforest by a group of scientists from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.