April 2013

The Comfort & Ethereal Charm Of Casa Pedro

There is a distinct trend in modern travel, one that is geared towards fast paced action. This method of travel is relentless, starting from the moment you travel to the airport and ending once you arrive back home. People rush through their holidays trying to pack in as many activities as possible.


It’s a wonder that a lot of people manage to appreciate the moment at all, but it does depend on one thing more than any other – atmosphere. The bright lights of an airport for that late night flight or the buzzing energy of a big city makes it easy to rush around without fully reflecting on your surroundings. Once you get out of the city and into a relaxed and charming atmosphere this changes.

Why Visit Panama?

There are lots of reasons to go and visit South America. There are lots of different countries, cultures, cities and places to explore. One of the huge benefits of visiting Panama is that you can see a lot in the space of a short time. You can dip your feet in two different oceans, climb mountains, explore rainforests, visit native cultures and explore urban cities all in the space of a week. So with all that available to you, where are the best places to visit in Panama?