Things to do in Boquete, Panama

Things to do in Panama

If you like high adventure, zip line canopy tours, rafting, horseback riding, bicycle tours, or any other types of adventurous activities, all are close nearby and can be easily arranged for you to do during your stay in our hostel. Find many Panama tourist attractions, activities and things to do in Boquete before you travel to Panama and plan your journey to make the most out of your stay.

If you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet after getting involved in the many things to do in Panama you can settle into the hammock at our hostal accommodation in Boquete, swing gently whilst you watch and listen to the many birds fly by. You can also help to look after and see Casa Pedro's chickens, rabbits and vegetable garden whilst soaking up the beautiful setting and relaxing. The perfect end to a busy day.

Language Schools in Boquete

Improve your Spanish at the Habla Ya Spanish Language School. Even though you will find most people speak English in Panama, why not scrub up on your Spanish skills and add it to your list of exciting things to do in Panama? It is known to be one of the very best schools in Latin America and a great place to learn Spanish fast. This Spanish school is an experience you are not likely to forget when you leave.

Hiking & Walking

Bicycles are available for you to ride into town or to tour the rolling hills of the countryside. Hike the many side roads and become acquainted with the colorful indigenous population, nearby coffee plantations and nature sanctuaries.

For those big explorers and hikers, you can easily access the Volcan Baru when staying with us at Casa Pedro. Currently the volcano lies dormant, allowing for great hiking trips up and down the volcano. On these trips you can discover the beautiful views of Boquete in Panama and the wildlife of the forests. There are a few different planned hiking tours that take travellers safely up and down the volcano over the course of either a day or a couple of days depending on the type of trip you are looking to go on. For more detail on a hiking trip see our hikers guide to the Volcan Baru.

Horse Riding in Boquete

Caldera is only 20 minutes away from Boquete, making an ideal destination for horseback riding. The countryside has golden fields and green rolling hills that carry on for miles making it a wonderful place to gallop along on a horse and enjoy a beautiful setting.

Zip Line Canopy Tours in Panama

The most exciting way to appreciate the forest's beauty is to go on the ZipLine Canopy Tour in Boquete. This day out holds a unique experience that allows you contemplate the canopy of the rainforest from thirteen different canopy platforms while smoothly soaring in the heights of the cloud forest from one treetop to another.

Water Sports in Panama

The province of Chiriqui has the perfect river for a water rafting trip and white water rafting. The river holds a lot of fun, from mild and scenic views, up to wild and crazy waters as you make your way down the river.

Panama Tourist Attractions

Surrounding Casa Pedro are amazing tourist attractions and Panama landmarks that you must not miss out on when you make any visit through Central America. Visit the national park, Calderia river or the Sendero de los Quetzales, a beautiful hiking path through the Volcan Baru National Park. These are just a few of landmarks that are recommended by our travellers as some of the best things to do in Panama.

Stay in Boquete to enjoy the sights and tourist attractions of Panama. If you are wondering where to stay in Panama, you will find that staying at Casa Pedro you enjoy the beautiful countryside just outside of Boquete, along with the proximity to the town itself with all the shops, restaurants and attractions. Contact us today for more information and to view our accommodation room rates.