The Best Places to Eat When You Visit Boquete, Panama

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We all get excited about going on holiday and rightly so! It isn’t often we really allow ourselves to relax and indulge without feeling guilty, there’s always washing to be done, work to be done and those annoying diets we are trying so hard to stay dedicated to. So when we decide to go on holiday we want to do it properly, we want to lie in the sun, see the sights we don’t usually have time for and scoff some really tasty food.

When you’re travelling and unsure of your surroundings though it’s difficult to be persuaded to try something new as you want your holiday to be enjoyable and paying for a less than satisfactory meal can spoil your evening. That’s why the staff at Casa Pedro are happy to recommend the best restaurants in Boquete, Panama as we like to personally ensure you enjoy every aspect of your visit to Boquete.

Good Ol’ American Food

Boquete Bistro Restaurant – Main Street, Downtown Boquete, Panama. Tel: 720-1017

A superb traditional American restaurant where you can indulge in tasty burgers, quesadillas, BBQ wings, pastrami, BLT sandwiches and hot bar appetizers. Craig the Chef has accommodated for all tastes though as if you would prefer a meal that’s a little less heavy you can order grilled fish and baskets of bread with herbed olive oil. Delicious fresh food cooked to perfection and served generously. Whilst the prices are not cheap they are not overpriced. The menu is fairly priced for the portion and quality of food you receive. A friendly atmosphere and smiles all round from Loretta the owner and her staff. The only trouble you will encounter is deciding what you want to order!

Want To Try The Local Panamanian Cuisine?

Nelvis Café – On the River, Centre of Town, Boquete, Panama. Tel: 6-578-6528

If you want to experience true Panamanian food then you need to venture into the heart of town to Nelvis. Nelvis is a well-kept secret usually from tourists but one of the favoured food establishments in Boquete for the locals. You can dine with the locals in a sociable environment enjoying the local produce at very affordable prices. The menu consists of fried chicken, meat, fish, rice, beans, vegetables and salad. Great fun and good wholesome food to keep you going if you have a busy day planned.


Go Mexican – Mmmmm Sangria

Taqueria Antojitos Mexicanos – Across from the Boquete Country Inn.

Not the most obvious restaurant to find as it is discreetly situated across the street from the Boquete Country Inn, but if you go to the effort to find it you will not be disappointed. This is undoubtedly the best Mexican food in Chiriqui. Maritriny is a wonderful owner catering to her diners empty bellies in a colourful environment, we strongly recommend the chilli but all of the food is amazing. The restaurant can have a tendency to get very busy but this just goes to show you how good the food is. Although it is a small establishment you will still be able to relax with a glass of wine, a beer or the Mexican custom sangria whilst you wait for a table.  Mmmm we’re hungry just thinking about it!

There are plenty of other local restaurants to dine at if you have the time to venture around the town centre but these are just our top 3 that the staff, as well as our previous guests can recommend. If you are ever unsure of how to travel to any of the local restaurants or how much they may cost, please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff during your stay at Casa Pedro, our hostal in Boquete.