The Essentials To Pack When Travelling - A Backpackers Guide

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Do you have the trip of a lifetime planned travelling through Central America and making Panama a mark on your map? Make sure one of the destinations you visit is Boquete, one of the adventurous places for activities in Panama. You can go hiking, whitewater river rafting, zip line travelling and bird watching in one of the most beautiful places in Panama.

Pack smart by taking with you the things you need most. Ask yourself, do I really need it? and will I use it? Use our list of essentials to help you pack for your backpacking trip through Central America.

First, you will need to travel as light as possible. One of the biggest mistakes made by backpackers is that they take too much in their backpack, carrying a camping tent and equipment along that is unnecessary for the journey. You may find yourself sacrificing some camping equipment to help you travel light.
Plan your backpacking journey so you know your journey route. Knowing where you will be staying each night and methods of travel will not only give you peace of mind that you know where you will be sleeping each night, but it will also help you to plan your budget. If you are planning on staying in hostel accommodation and you are wondering where to stay in Panama, it would be a good idea to get a list of the different hostels you can stay in and book your bed before you get there so you will always have a bed for the night.

Essential Packing
Clothing is light, but bulky, so if you can, only take the absolute minimum with you that you will need. Here is a list of some of the absolute essentials to take away with you.

2x T-shirts
Cotton shirts can help to increase comfort whilst travelling as you may get very hot.

A Long Sleeve T-shirt
You can wear this underneath your other shirts in case the temperature drops, such as hiking up mountains and volcanos. It will help to protect you against the sun and any of the pesky mosquito bites.


A Thin Fleece
A fleece is a good idea for wearing when it gets a little bit chilly. It is light and can be rolled up smaller than other jumpers.
2x Pairs of  Pants (Trousers)
Try and take quick drying trousers, this way if you have to carry them wet, they will not be as heavy, and when you do get wet, hopefully you won’t be for very long.

Swimwear and Underwear
Essential to any holiday where it is hot.

Sandals and light running shoes or trail running shoes for hiking in. We wouldn’t recommend having massive hiking boots, you are more likely to get hot feet and more blisters than you want.

Small/Medium Trek-Type Towel
Especially designed for less weight and absorbs more water than most, one of these towels will certainly help to keep you dry and your backpack lite.  
Sun Hat
Keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes with a sun hat.

Clothing you do not mind getting dirty and winter clothing
Winter Clothing for cooler climates. If you are planning to go hiking up into the mountains and Volcan Buru, you will need to have more clothing on to keep you warm. Wearing and adding layers as you go up mountains will help to keep you warm.

A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is very important to make sure that you are equipped with what ever you may come across. Plasters/band aids, antiseptic cream, diarrhoea blocker, alcohol based handrub, painkillers, mosquito repellent, sun cream and aftersun.


Wash Kit

Ear Plugs
Shower Gel

Everyday Essentials
LED FlashlightInternational plug adaptor
MP3 Player
Mobile & Charger
Notebook & Pen
Daypack or a small backpack to take out with you during the day.
A Money Belt to hold all of your important documents, money, phone and expensive things you need to take with you.
Locks for keeping your things safe when you leave it behind when you go out on day trips.

I hope this has been helpful to you, have a great time on your journey, pack it smart and find lots of things to do in Boquete, Panama for backpackers.