Why Visit Panama?

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There are lots of reasons to go and visit South America. There are lots of different countries, cultures, cities and places to explore. One of the huge benefits of visiting Panama is that you can see a lot in the space of a short time. You can dip your feet in two different oceans, climb mountains, explore rainforests, visit native cultures and explore urban cities all in the space of a week. So with all that available to you, where are the best places to visit in Panama?

Panama City

Often referred to as the ‘Miami of South America’, Panama City is an urban metropolis like no other. From shimmering skyscrapers to the Spanish labyrinth of the old town, you can be shopping one minute and bird watching the next in the Soberania National Park, located only fifteen miles from downtown Panama City – a great example of the huge contrast in different types of cultural experiences that the whole country offers.

The Panama Canal

The canal is on the list to for most tourists when they visit Panama, it is a fantastic economical an industrial part of the landscape that makes up a key part of Panamas history in the modern world. Around 140 million tonnes of oceangoing commercial cargo are shipped through the canal every year and the vessels passing through come from over seventy different countries. If you’re looking to experience the industrial nature of such a phenomenal feat of engineering then there are many ways to experience life on the canal depending on your interest. There are two museums devoted to the canal depicting Panamas history as a cultural crossroads for the world. Alternatively you can travel the length of the canal from one coast to the other by train. This tip takes around a day and also passes through the rainforest.


Volcán Barú National Park

When staying at the Hostal Boquete you’ll be able to discover the wild side of Panama. Located in the heart of the Volcán Barú National Park, the second largest national park in the Panama where you can climb to the Baru Volcano. From the top you’ll be able to see both oceans and the landscape of eastern Panama.  Or you can explore the rainforest, where you’ll find a huge range of different wildlife, 250 species of birds, 5 species of big cats including the infamous puma.

Panama Beaches

With hundreds of different islands to explore from the main land, there are no shortages of sunny hotspots for you to explore. The Bocas del Toro on Panamas Caribbean coast is the pick of the bunch. Here you’ll find diamond white sand and pure blue ocean where you can relax and sunbathe or take a tour of some of the surrounding costal islands, untouched and pristine as nature intended therm.


Whatever you’re into, city shopping, cultural tours, mountaineering, hiking, exploring, bird watching or just relaxing, you’ll find it all within a day’s travel in Panama.