A Guide To Where To Stay In Panama

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A Little About Panama

If you’re looking for a real adventure, the real back-packing-trail-trekking-rainforest-exploring experience, then you won’t find a better place to do it than Panama. Unspoiled by on mass tourism, Panama is a hidden gem in Central South America. Often overlooked by its flamboyant neighbours Costa Rica and Cambodia, Panama benefits from its big neighbours by flying under the radar when it comes to deciding on a destinations for travel.  Because of this, it is still possible to discover Panama in the way that the original explores found it.  This is not to say that it stuck in the middle ages, far from it. Panama offers a sheared juxtaposition between the Indiana Jones type explorers paradise to the ultra-modern and economic hub the capital, Panama City and it canal.



The Canal is arguably the greatest man made structure ever build and has cemented Panama as an economic keystone. It is surprising then, that when you look at this gigantic economic structure that literally cuts the country in two and through which 815,000 vessels transport goods through each year, the rest of the country has, for the most part, gone untouched by the hands of man, and nature is left to its own devices.

What Is There To Do?

If you’re into nature and you’d rather go scramble about in the forest rather than go to the zoo, then this could be the ideal country to up your game, 58% of the land mass in Panama is rainforest.  For those wanting to see animals in their natural habitat then you’ll be spoilt for choice. Home to over 218 species of mammal, 302 species of birds, and 242 species of reptiles, jaguars, sloths, parrots, eagles, iguana all roam together in over 14 national parks so if the inner Attenborough in you just fainted then this could be the perfect backpacking trip for you.

Not so into your wildlife? Well there’s plenty more for you to do. Panama boasts some of the most glorious beaches in the world. Diving and surfing are all popular local sports along the golden sanded coastline. Hundreds of tiny islands are broken off from the mainland providing little drops of isolated heaven in the Carrabin Sea. Sugar white sand, palm trees, unstoppable sun and local beach bars – this really is a beach lovers paradise.


If you’re a tourist who likes the hustle and throb of a major city then Panama still has a lot to offer you. The capital, Panama City is a bubbling metropolis on the edge of the canal, perfectly blending city life with industry and, of course, the rain forest. Panama city is the only city in the world which has its very own rainforest allowing you to go shopping down town and have a casual walk through the jungle on the way back home. With a vibrant nightlife and some amazing architecture from the most modern of skyscrapers to the ruins of the original 16th century Panama City old town, Panama’s capital has everything a city explorer could ever dream of.

Not so fussed about the capital? No worries, the city of David should have all you need. The country’s second largest city after the capital, it has an abundance of local hot springs and swimmable canals for you to relax and enjoy your surroundings in. Half an hour away from a local surfing spot in one direction and in the other, you’re back in the jungle in the town of Boquete and its surrounding coffee plantations. A popular stop off point for tourists there’s also the opportunity to stay overnight when you’re looking where to stay in Panama.



Panama’s rainy season starts in late May and finishes in early December while the dry season dominates the remaining months of the year. The rain does not come in constant downfalls but short bursts followed by sunshine so if you’re looking to go hiking it might be a good idea to go in the dry season. With an average temperature of 27 degrees you won’t be short of sunshine.

With everything from pure white shores to fantastic cities and cultures, the potential to explore is almost endless. Panama boasts a huge variety of different experiences for those looking to get away from it all and experience something totally different.