Boquete’s Outdoor Adventures – Horseback Riding

Imagine the green rolling hills in the Caldera Highlands above the Boquete Valley. The whole surroundings of the area are ideal for horseback riding with great scenery and different nature trails to follow. Along the way you can find out about the history, the wildlife, and capture your experience on camera.

On your journey, you will find many amazing views of Boquete and Chiriqui. You will see the hidden wildlife of Panama when you pass through the jungle. Find the animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world in the forests, and grab the chance to find some of the world’s most exotic birds whilst on your travels.

Horseback riding tours in Boquete guide you through the many different areas and landscapes of Boquete, giving you the chance to witness different surroundings of Boquete. Witness scenery from the mountains, to the hills, right into the jungle and rainforests of Boquete, there isn’t a landscape that your eyes will not set upon when horseback riding.

Worried about horseback riding in Panama?

There is no need to worry when you have some great hosts who know the ins and outs of the lands, the horses and the trails that you will travel on.
On the horseback tours in Chiquiri, they give you the option and choice to choose a horse that you are comfortable riding. You have the ability to choose a tame horse if you have never been horseback riding before, or you could have one of the larger horses if you feel you are a bit more confident. So, if you are a beginner, of intermediate riding skills or a professional, there is a horse that can suit you.

If you are interested in horse riding in Boquete visit, Boquete Outdoor Adventures to find out more.

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