Landmarks of Boquete

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Full of a rich history, the area of Boquete has amazing beauty and many landmarks to see and visit whilst travelling through Central America and Panama. There is an amazing diverse culture surrounding Boquete with lots of fun activities for couples, families and travellers exploring the Boquete landscape.

The lifestyle surrounding Boquete is an experience to gain when staying in hostels in Panama. It has been adapted to suit a peaceful way of life, perfect for everyone. The population of Boquete is around 15,000 people, all of which are very welcoming and whose cultural roots go back to native Indians, Spaniards, Europeans, and North Americans from many years ago.

The nature of Boquete has not only amazing scenery, but great cultural aspects for growing coffee, fruits, and vegetables. You will witness a one of kind experience when you see our best coffee plantations in Boquete still operating using traditional coffee making methods.
The Volcan Baru, a well-known landmark of Boquete due to the volcano being the highest in Panama, is an experience that you cannot miss. This dormant volcano offers great exploration to travellers and those who like hiking. Reach the top to witness some amazing views of Panama and see the only site where you can see both the Pacific sea and the Atlantic oceans at the same time. If you are interested in this type of activity, perhaps you would like to see our hikers guide to the volcan baru.

Take a trip to El Explorador. This is a private garden located in a hilly area about 45 minutes' walk from the town. The gardens are designed to look like a fairy tale, and there's no shortage of quirky displays of flowers to catch your eye.

Take a trip down the trail and follow an exciting path. The Sendero Los Quetzales (The Quetzales Trail) is a beautiful place to take a walk.  Even though some of this trail is currently restricted due to flood damage, you will be able to travel part of the route for an amazing experience of Panama’s wildlife and surroundings.

The cloud forests surrounding Boquete are a fantastic destination for birdwatchers travelling to Boquete. Equipped with the amazing wildlife and nature, the Boquete forests are home to over 1,000 different species of bird. The majority of these birds can all be found within these forests.  
With Casa Pedro being just metres from great scenery and forests full of wildlife, you will not only be able to witness the birds in the cloud forests but help us to feed the birds at our hostel in Boquete.